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~ The Neko's World ~

... where the fantasy & reality collide ...

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… the basics …

over 21 but under 30
august baby
stubborn leo

5 pets
4 females, 1 male
all rescue cases
all loved beyond measure

RIP scruffy: best! dog! ever!

* ~ *

… location, location, location …

sometimes in the real world, mostly in her own head
currently in a corrupt kingdom
will be migrating to a less corrupt cosmopolitan soon

adores travelling
has lived in the uk, climbed the top of st paul's cathedral, walked a fair length along the thames, rode the london eye, roamed through shakespeare's village, watched the sunrise & sunset at angkor wat, bargained in siem reap, has spent a grand total of 3 hours in amsterdam and 10 hours in dubai, watched les miserables in london and miss saigon in manila and the rocky horror picture show in singapore, strolled about in corregidor and visited universal studios
is saving money to throw a coin into the trevi fountain, pay her respects in pompeii, eat her way through tuscany, stroll through the louvre, sunbathe at the cote d'azur, engage in a love affair with new york, go celebrity-spotting in hollywood, breathe the air in hokkaido, pose with donald duck in disneyland, scream her lungs out at six flags & the gold coast, climb a good length of the great wall of china, take a cruise around the caribbean islands with an unlimited supply of daiquiris - and be all kinds of happy squee in ireland, land of myth and magic

* ~ *

… the paper chase …

official graduate, ba in writing & communications
about a half-year away from receiving her postgraduate diploma

teacher by trade
expertise in english & tv studies

novelist at heart
current focus on romantic fantasy

* ~ *

... this is me ...

a reader, a writer
a dreamer, a believer

i desire the fantasy
i accept the impossible
i embrace the imaginary

grade A cert in art of eating, grade D cert in art of cooking
motto to follow: “live to eat, not eat to live.”

perfect GPA in sleeping 101
fluctuating grades in creative dreaming, random whimsy, stuff & nonsense

* ~ *

... behind the facade ...

what fills my time:
- the internet [it’s a godsend!]
- fantasy & chic lit
- shoujo & yaoi
- movies & tv
- music [soundtracks are my current fave]

i collect:
- stuffed animals
- bootleg dvds
- archie comics
- fantasy novels

extremely fond of:
- cute & cuddly animals
- fresh flowers
- a happy surprise

truly appreciate:
- the weather just before a storm, rainy days & a strong, cooling breeze
- aromatherapy & hot baths after a long, tiring day
- the internet on a fast DSL line
- t shirts with sayings, a comfy pair of faded jeans, silver jewellery, baggy hooded sweatshirts & worn converse sneakers
- clever jokes, laughter from the heart, hanging out with friends, a good argument & an intelligent debate

* ~ *

... fandom & the like ...

religious follower & dedicated fangirl:
- merlin
- doctor who

not quite a fangirl, but serious watcher anyway:
- bones
- csi:ny
- house md
- criminal minds
- secret diaries of a call-girl

guilty pleasures:
- one tree hill
- dancing with the stars & so you think you can dance
- project runway
- glee

gone but not forgotten:
- firefly
- sex & the city
- friends
- ugly betty
- pushing daisies

- dead poets’ society, the history boys
- sense & sensibility, pride & prejudice, ever after, the scarlet pimpernel, the three musketeers, robin hood prince of thieves
- karate kid 1 & 2, labyrinth, ferris bueller’s day off, the breakfast club, the princess bride
- star wars, lord of the rings, narnia, infernal affairs, harry potter
- 10 things i hate about you, the cutting edge, she’s the man
- sweet home alabama, the notebook, love actually, never been kissed, miss pettigrew lives for a day, penelope
- sister act 1 & 2, the addams family, the addams family values, to wong foo thanks for everything julie newmar, the school of rock, robin hood men in tights
- the joy luck club, pleasantville, the truman show
- the lion king, the little mermaid, beauty & the beast, mulan, emperor’s new groove, atlantis, bambi, robin hood

* ~ *

.. ships, ships & more ships ...

loyally shipping:
- tenth doctor/rose [doctor who]
- arthur/merlin, arthur/merlin/lancelot [merlin]
- brennan/booth [bones]
- draco/hermione, fred/hermione/george [harry potter]
- conan/ai [case closed]
- veronica/jughead [archie comics]
- house/wilson [house md]
- kaoru/haruhi/hikaru [ouran high school host club]

other ships enjoyed:
- nathan/haley [one tree hill]
- haruhi/kyouya, tamaki/haruhi/kyouya [ouran high school host club]
- harry/luna, ron/hermione, rose/scorpius, scorpius/albus [harry potter]
- shinichi/heiji [case closed]

the occasional ship:
- guinevere/lancelot, morgana/merlin [merlin]
- usagi/trunks [crossover sailormoon & dragonball z]

* ~ *

... the otaku syndrome ...

particular favourites:
- xxxholic, detective conan aka case closed, ouran high school host club
- tsubasa reservoir chronicles, magic knight rayearth
- kitchen princess, meru puri, full moon wo sagashite
- only the ring finger knows
- vandread, you’re under arrest, princess nine
- dragonball [yes, i’m old fashioned here]
- watase yuu, yoshizumi wataru, shimaki ako
- hino matsuri, touma rei, tanemura arina

manga over anime
original japanese over english dubs

* ~ *

... in support of ...

- world wildlife fund, animal preservation groups
- fight against global warming, earth day, reuse & recycle
- same-sex marriages, women’s liberation front, a free & democratic society

* ~ *

... the fangirl ...

- idolise josh groban & all four men of il divo
- greatly respect alan rickman, gary oldman, jeremy irons, ewan mcgregor, clive owen, ian mckellan, paul bettany, gary sinise, colin firth, michael caine, adrien brody, hugh laurie, morgan freeman & denzel washington
- deeply admire emma thompson, meryl streep & julie andrews
- totally heart skandar keynes, tom felton, bryan greenberg, chris colfer & james mcavoy
- always laugh with neil patrick harris, robin williams, whoopi goldberg, stephen fry & rowan atkinson when he’s not mr bean
- am all kinds of happy squee around david tennant, colin morgan, bradley james & wang lee-hom
- desperately wish eagle vision, son goku, mirai trunks, kyouya ootori & shinichi kudou were real men instead of manga heroes
- think hugh jackman’s an absolute hottie and that he should divorce his wife to marry me XD

* ~ *

... it's not all a bed of roses ...

i don’t like:
- science, creepy crawlies, no internet, academic referencing, studying for exams
- lack of sleep, shopping for shoes, the wwe, censorship
- malaysian drivers, creepy old men hitting on much younger girls, rudeness, overzealous evangelists, unfriendly and over-friendly customer service people

i particularly loathe:
- greed & corruption
- prejudice, bigotry & close-mindedness
- inequality & injustice

smoking annoys me
drug addiction disgusts me
murder upsets me
rape disturbs me
death of loved ones sends me into long-term depression
animal cruelty infuriates me.
and twilight bores me

* ~ *

... having the final say ...

i suffer from chronic hypochondria & verbal diarrhoea
i'm aggressively allergic to snobs, bigots & chauvinist pigs

on a good day, i'm as chatty, perky & wired as a cheerleader on crack
on an okay day, i'm temperamental & complicated
and on a bad day ... well, you'd best avoid me on a bad day

music fills my soul
pictures create my life
words ARE my world

i'm an unlicensed, unregistered schizophrenic.
my personalities change according to my mood.

this is who I am
take it or leave it

♥profile layout by strawberricons
♥LJ layout courtesy of premade_ljs, made by tasha

Want to know more?

* ~ *

Soundtrack of My Life:
Side A:
“Highway to Hell” – AC/DC
“My Brain is Hanging Upside Down” – The Ramones
“Boulevard of Broken Dreams” – Greenday
“Numb” – Linkin Park
“B*tch” – Meredith Brooks
“Straightjacket Feeling” – All American Rejects
“Unsatisfied” – Nine Black Alps
“I’m Not Okay” – My Chemical Romance
“Owner of a Lonely Heart” – Yes
“To Hell With Good Intentions” - Mclusky

Side B:
“A Life Less Ordinary” – Ash
“Bohemian Like You” – The Dandy Warhols
“The Imperial March” – John Williams
“The Adventure” – Angels & Airwaves
“Too Cool For School” – Fountains of Wayne
“You’re the Best” – Joe Esposito
“Everybody Wants To Rule The World” – Tears for Fears
“To Wish Impossible Things” – The Cure
“The Fantasy” – 30 Seconds to Mars
“Suddenly I See” – KT Tunstall

* ~ *

Quotes I live by:

"Life is not meant to be taken seriously ... seriously!"

"There are 3 kinds of people in this world ... those who want things to happen, those that make things happen, and those who just wonder what the hell happened!"

"If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried."

* ~ *

All icons I made could only be achieved with enormous thanks to many talented people. So please check out my RESOURCES post.


* ~ *

Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide

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Went a little mad with the colourbars ... oh well ... ^_^

created by: thereflections

created by: wolfcolourmoon

created by: lilotelasserie

created by: chocojester

Created by:ana_sprocks

Weasley, Trio & R/Hr colourbars by the talented puguita

Conan/Ai are my DC OTP!

created by: chitsuki

* ~ *

I tend to interchange between these mood themes ...

So, since I'll be too lazy to come here and change who I owe credit to all the time I change my mood theme, let me just thank everybody at once ...

Great thanks to the ever wonderful and talented isnani for the gorgeous Ron and Hermione mood theme.

Great thanks to the equally wonderful and ever talented euterpeslullaby at crackified for the following mood themes:
Draco Malfoy
The Princess Bride
Pride & Prejudice (2005 version)
House MD (non-animated)
Doctor Who - 10th Doctor, Season 2
David Tennant
James & Oliver Phelps
Ewan Macgregor
Art Dungeon
Jake Gyllenhaal

PS: And a huge shout-out of thanks to my fave HP fan-artist, Martha a.k.a. seviet for the art used for the Art Dungeon mood theme.

Great thanks to awesomely cool gal tattooedsiren for the beautiful HP trio and Men of HP mood themes.

And, last but certainly never the least, great thanks to the totally wicked, totally talented lidi for these oh so cool, oh so gorgeous mood themes:
HP Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter (animated)
House/Wilson (animated)

And, my personal favourite, because it's just so damn cute ...
Cute cat

Dang, you guys are TOTALLY made of awesome!
*hugs to all of them*

* ~ *
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