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31st-Dec-2020 02:09 am - Semi-Friends Only ...
Study cat

So after much deliberation, I've decided to make my journal semi-friends only. Memes, fandomness and certain posts will remain public, but other than that, all private pictures and rants and ramblings and what-have-you's will be kept private.

So, if you're still interested in becoming my friend, and you don't mind all my ranting and rambling and raving, feel free to leave a comment at this post, and I'll add you right away. =D

Thanks, guys!

PS: Friends only banner made by tamakins8604 , featuring two of my most favourite manga/anime characters - Fay D Flowright & Mokona Modoki!
14th-Apr-2009 08:34 pm - Never judge a book by its cover ...
And here's the proof.

Click here for one of the most amazing voices ever heard - and from a non-professional too!

My gawd!
I've got goosebumps!
And her performance moved my mum - who hardly cries for anything - to tears!

Those of you who can ...

*shuffles off to hear Susan singing again*

5th-Nov-2008 10:41 pm - Hail, the 44th President of the USA!
Study cat
While neither American nor in America, I still bear witness to history in the making.
Senator Barack Obama was voted the 44th President of the United States of America - and the first ever African-American to hold this prestigious title.

It's been a hell of a year in terms of politics.
March '08 saw a revolutionary change in the Malaysian political arena.
November '08 saw an American dream fulfilled.

To describe what I'm feeling now ... I don't think I can.
For all my writing, I'm no wordsmith;
thus, to put into words what my heart feels is a difficult task.

What I can say is this:
The world is changing now.
And the change is coming at the hands of the future.

But I'm not one to talk about politics much in my LJ.
I cheerfully leave that to madmax0r and felishabaggins .
So I'm not about to start now.

Except to say ...

Congratulations, Senator Obama.
You campaigned right, you campaigned fair, and you came out victorious in the end.
A Democrat in the seat of power once more - so here's hoping you turn the world around.

And congratulations to Senator McCain.
You fought a good fight, and you conceded with grace and dignity.

Now we'll see where the next 4 years takes us.

In the meantime, I leave you with The Man himself - and his victory speech.

PS: And for those with crap Net lines, where the video takes forever to load, here's the transcript to one of the best acceptance speeches I've heard in a long while.

Kudos to the writer!
29th-Oct-2008 07:42 pm - WTF - or LMAO?!!
I came across an interesting news piece that had me torn between going "WTF?!!" and "LMAO!":

Vietnam might ban small-chested from driving

Now I've heard of many ridiculous things in my life ...
But this just takes the cake.

What the hell goes through these people's minds that they come up with absurd suggestions like this?!!

I swear, I totally burst into incredulous laughter towards the end, when I read this bit:

Vietnamese bloggers have been poking fun at the plan, envisioning traffic police with tape measures eagerly pulling over female drivers to measure their chests.

"From now on, padded bras will be best-sellers," said Bo Cu Hung, a popular Ho Chi Minh City blogger.

Newspapers were inundated with letters on Tuesday from concerned readers who worried that they wouldn't measure up.

"I'm not heavy enough, what am I going to do?" Le Thu Huong asked in a letter to Tuoi Tre newspaper. "And what about people whose chests are small? Most of them are too poor to afford breast implants!"

Padded bras and breast implants - just for permission to drive?!!

Our world's become a giant circus.
Hee cat
Holy crap! I just got a bajillion whiny emails saying I have not updated this since people stopped clapping and Tinkerbell died... You would not believe the amount of people that are totally stalking me. Apologies to my regular readers! Even the little blue ones!

I am flat out like a lizard drinking with finding Jesus (after someone told me he was lost), being distracted by the shiny, just generally being a biatch to anyone unfortunate to cross my path, my day seems to involve the authorities from when the nightclubs close to I run out of alcohol. I am plotting and planning. but this damned rock is heavy.

I won't promise anything to you but I will update you with my nefarious activities as soon as I get a chance. Honestly! Unless of course the pool with the cocktail bar is heated!

* * *

The above post is brought to you by The Lazy Bloggers Post Generator, courtesy of koalathebear.
felishabaggins and madmax0r, you so gotta try this thing!
22nd-Jul-2008 12:12 am - Fourth post! Spam-bot!
Hee cat
Post #4 ... Gawd, this is a record for me ...
But I've got good reason!

I feel proud.
Extremely proud.
Ridiculously proud.
Absurdly proud.


Because the new COSTA Executive Committee is doing a mighty fine job of keeping the club alive!
For which I'm extremely glad because it was a helluva job to revive it back in February ...

But now, it lives!
And I've no doubt that under the watchful eyes of the new COSTA exco, it will continue to live.

*pokes everyone to check out the all-new, jazzed up COSTA BLOG*

I can sleep easy now.

*shuffles off still feeling unbelievably proud*
Pretty cat
Don't you just love list memes?
The best things to do when you want to procrastinate ...

Both are snitched off awritersfantasy.

First one:

And the second one:

Tagging felishabaggins ... she ought to get a kick of these ...
28th-May-2008 06:15 pm - Go ... Fight ... Win!
Pretty cat
A friend of mine is participating in this.

Click here to vote for Eleanor! You can vote once a day!

And in case that link doesn't work ...

Watsons You Awards

Click on the "Engaging Eyes" category - and vote for Eleanor!

27th-May-2008 10:21 pm - Farewell to an era ...
Study cat
It just struck me, as I was coming home today:
This is my last ever week in university.

That's right. As of July, I'll no longer be a university student (God-willing).
I'll be an educated bum, a professional slacker, a not-so-diligent job-hunter, another fresh graduate to add to the growing number of jobless in Malaysia ...

Sigh. It's the end of an era.

Despite all the hiccups - a lot over the three years, including a major one very, very recently - university's been the happiest time of my life.
I met a great group of friends, who are willing to accept me for who I am, daring enough to confront me for my own good, always there for me when I need them.
I experienced a smorgasbord of lecturer personalities: wild, eccentric, hippie, weird, excitable, scarily calm, motherly, cranky, hilarious, strict, stern, irresponsible, just plain mean ...
I've endured stress beyond reason, academic disappointment, academic frustration.

And of course, academic pride. For the first time since I was in primary school, I can look at my academic transcript and go:
"I did good."

It's been a hard journey. Hard, but definitely fun.
It felt long while I was experiencing it, but now I feel it's just been too short.
Time sure has flown by. I feel like it was only yesterday I walked into Monash campus for my orientation - and now I'm facing the final two tutorials of my uni life.

Part of me looks forward to my uncertain future. The other part of me just wants things to stay the way they are.

Life's like that, I guess.

So, to everyone and anyone who made my three years in Monash memorable, here's to you.
Here's to the Chosen Ones: thank you ... for everything. I love all of you!
Here's to the Monash Arts lecturers: I'm going to miss you.
Here's to COSTA: it's been a fun semester.
Here's to my classmates: I'm proud to be associated with you.
Here's to the people I've met over the years in Monash: You've added to my Monash experience in more ways than you think.

*raises glass in a toast to everyone*

Here's to the memories.
The good and the bad, the happy and the sad.

Farewell, Monash!
It's been real!
6th-May-2008 01:10 am - Oh dear lord ...
Pretty cat
The recent report of the cyclone that struck Myanmar had me gasping in shock ...
And disgust that the government didn't give proper warning - or rather, a misleading warning.

Near 4000 and still rising ...
I know some people who won't hesitate to tell me that natural disasters are God's way of telling us He's displeased about something ...
But to take away so many lives and to do all that damage - to a country that's already struggling?

Sometimes I wonder ...
Does this sort of "divine intervention" bring justice to anyone at all?

Sigh ...
I don't know.
Maybe I'm just over-analysing things.

But I'm still sad anyway.
This is not the way I wanted to end my day.
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